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Friday Night at the Forum    Fall 2008

A Brief History

of the

Tri-State Cinema Society

The Tri-State Cinema Society was born in the Spring of 1995.  The board approached Jack Scott at Old Orchard Cinemas to see if he would allow us to use his theatre to bring foreign and other interesting films to the area.  He generously agreed to let us use a screen for free Sunday through Thursday on selected weeks during the fall and spring. 

Three board members put up the seed money to rent and promote the movies for our first series.  We showed three films and like ballplayers to Ray Kinsella's field of dreams, you came.  We have offered a series of foreign and independent films every fall and spring since.  Below are the films that we have shown.

The Films

Spring 1995

Belle Epoque (France)
Eat Drink Man Woman

Fall 1995

Red (France)
To Live
Living in Oblivion
Burnt by the Sun
The Postman

Spring 1996

Before the Rain (Republic of Macedonia)
Persuasion (Great Britain)
Crumb (U.S)
Pharaoh's Army (Kentucky)
Shanghai Triad (China)

Fall 1996 (At Showplace South)

Spring 1997

Thieves (France)
Ridicule (France)

Fall 1997

The Eighth Day (France)
Dance Me Outside (Native American/Canada)
Breaking the Waves (Norway)
A Chef in Love (Russia)

Spring 1998

Margaret's Museum (Canada)
Fast Cheap and Out of Control (U.S.)
Sunday (U.S.)
La Ceremonie (France)
The Tango Lesson (Great Britain/Argentina)

Fall 1998

Ma Vie in Rose (France)
Character (The Netherlands)
Artemisia (France)
The Thief (Russia)

Spring 1999

Inheritors (Austria)
A Taste of Cherry (Iran)
The Eel (Japan)

Fall 1999

Men with Guns (U.S.)
Central Station (Brazil)
Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl (China)
Run Lola Run (Germany)
Insomnia (Norway)

(Starting in the Spring of 2000, we began to maintain a Web Site at HCC.  The dates below will link you to the original postings for that series)

Spring 2000

Rosetta (Belgium)
Autumn Tale (France)
After Life (Japan)

Fall 2000

All About My Mother (Spain)
The Harmonists (Germany)
Topsy Turvy (Great Britain)

Spring 2001

Beau Travail (France)
King of Masks (China)
Dancer in the Dark (Denmark)
American Movie (US)

Fall 2001

The Princess and the Warrior (Germany)
The Road Home (China)
Divided We Fall (Czech Republic)
The Closet (France)

Spring 2002

In the Mood for Love (Hong Kong)
Donnie Darko (US)
Bread and Tulips (Italy)
Under the Sun (Sweden)

Fall 2002

The Son's Room (Italy)
Kandahar (Iran)
Beijing Bicycle (China)
The Emperor's New Clothes (UK)

Spring 2003

Heaven (France/Germany)
Bloody Sunday (UK/Ireland)
The Crime of Father Amaro (Mexico)
Elling (Norway)



For more information, contact us at tristatecimemasociety@gmail.com