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Friday Night at the Forum    Fall 2008


 After 21 years with TCS (Tri-State Cinema Society) and nearly 15 with FMC (Film Movement Club), it is finally time to retire and let a new generation breathe some fresh air in.  Lack of attendance recently and my age are the main factors.  In the beginning, we drew 40+ people on a few occasions. The prior decade attendance varied between 15-20. This past year was down to 5 or 10 and in recent months below that.  Since interest has decreased, it seems like it is time to end. 

 Foreign films have always required an extra dedication to be willing to read subtitles at the bottom of a screen.  When we started TCS in 1995, there were few sources for international cinema.  Even video stores had limited selections.  Now you can get almost any title streamed directly to your home or other devices through Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix or Showtime etc.  A cornucopia of choice is instantly at your fingertips.

 A special “Thank You” to the staff of EVPL (Evansville Public Library) for their dedication and long time support of this series.  EVPL has nearly 180 FMC titles in their collection.  They acquired two copies of each DVD (Central and 1 other branch) and secured a license permit for public viewing legally.  The quality of FMC titles has increased in recent years with more recognizable directors and stars.  Their scripts are always unpredictable -with unique stories.  Film is a universal language that transcends borders or political boundaries and shows us life in other cultures.  Like many of you, film viewing has been a lifelong passion for me and I hope I brought some insight to them.

Thank you to David Long for recruiting us to host nearly a dozen years ago.  A special thanks to Darren Willett for his technical support from the beginning and helping us to over come any glitches, most recently that task fell to Lewis.  Another thanks to Chip Lannert and Kaitlin Conner for coordinating and securing the titles through the Media Department until our public viewing.

I’ve enjoyed the post film discussion –the main reason for our involvement.  I’ve tried to make it a little extra special with our cultural corner –pointing out other local films, concerts, plays and TV shows we thought you might find of interest.  A special treat for me was to have the previews and “arty” shorts before the main screening.  I tried to take us back to what going to the movies was like for us as kids –A cartoon, preview of coming attractions and a cliff hanger or two etc.

Thanks to all who attended over these past years –some from the very start.  I have enjoyed talking “cinema art” with you the past 20+ years.

I hope to see you “at the movies” sometime in the future.         

I bid you a fond farewell! 




For more information, contact us at tristatecimemasociety@gmail.com